Monday, March 5, 2007

Preparing the home for Photography

Preparing your home for the tour photographer is a very important step in the marketing process. By following the guidelines below, you will be taking care of items that will enhance your showings and perhaps eliminate some problems during the buyer’s inspection.

  • Windows treatments should be open to the outside view. Roller, cellular, pleated, shearweave, Roman and bamboo shades should be set at half way down or full open (you know best in most cases). Regular shades should be full down and open (level). Shears are the most detrimental treatment for photographic purposes. Either remove them or slide all panels to the sides of the window.

  • All existing lamps and lighting fixtures should be operable. This entails replacement of burnt out bulbs. We turn on all lamps (even the little ones) because lamps will look so much better if they are turned on (check the hood over the stove). We are not looking for light in order to photograph—we are looking for beauty in the room which includes some sparkle (specular highlights) as well.

  • De-cluttering is an important pre-photography function. There are varying degrees of de-cluttering. You may receive more comprehensive guidance from your agent which you should abide by. In case you have not yet received instructions from your agent, the following is our general guideline:

  • Compact small items into appropriate containers (baskets etc.). Do leave some appliances (such as mixers & coffee makers) on the kitchen counters. Counters should look inviting for use but not cluttered. Do not “sterilize” the home. Place settings are appropriate.

  • Do not remove every movable item from your home. Please make your home looks warm, inviting and livable. A small flower or fruit arrangement on an otherwise bare counter is great.

  • Remove items from window sills. Remove items stuck to windows. Shades should be operable.

  • Prior to photography, turn on any lighting that has “secret” or hidden switches.

  • Owners, agents, kids, friendly dogs and cats are all welcome during our time in your home. We will try our best to accommodate your lifestyle during our stay. The length of our visit will be from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the size of your home. Call us prior to our visit if you have any questions.

Example Stills

Pricing of Photography

A tour includes one or more panoramic images plus one or more regular images, all combined into a slide show. This show is published to a web site and is presented to the public as a "Flash" presentation.

Tour prices start at $89 and range to $119 depending on the number of images published. All property photography includes a minimum of 6 images for use by the agent in posting to the MLS and for flyers.

For instance:
A combination of panoramic and still photos for a total of 10 images = $89.
A combination of panoramic and still photos for a total of 20 images = $99.
A combination of panoramic and still photos for a total of 30 images = $119.

All tours include:
Lead generation to your email, cell phone or website.
Viewing statistics to share with your seller.
Tours on CD - Great for you Open House.
Voice and Text narration.
Room to room Hot Spot navigation
Unbranded viewer for your MLS
Many types of links for use on your website.

All photography is post processed for bright and crystal clear images.

Commercial and For Sale by Owner pricing may vary